About Me

Hi, I’m Ellen.

There are many things that inspire me to create and 
I love the challenge of learning something new. 

This blog is one of those challenges!  

As a designer, I love the unexpected 
and find patterns and templates too structured. 
I love to create something at whim
with materials I have on hand.

But my love of heirlooms and antiquities 
keeps me somewhat formal and traditional.

I also believe that all things living have a spirit.
My mind is always searching of what I can do creatively 
and in such a way to respect Mother Earth. 
But I also embrace technology 
and the advances made by the human mind. 
But only if it respects the Earth and humanity.

This blog journals my thoughts and the inspirations 
that I find in everyday life as a mom in a somewhat small Florida city. 

I wish that you would stay and read awhile and hopefully, 
I can inspire you too!

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