Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Winding Down

After a very busy and hectic month, I finally had a chance to take care of me.
There is nothing better than greeting the day and being one with nature.
There are just no words to describe awesomeness.

I enjoyed a quiet and contemplative past time...
 Being thankful for the catfish's sacrifice.
It was a day full of quiet solitude...
Enjoying the slower pace before another crazy week.
Best of all?
After a long and hot day with not a whole lot of luck...
I am still able to bring home...

Friday, September 12, 2014


I know that it has been a while since I have posted
 but the past month has been just crazy with everything.  
I have been tagged to do the ice bucket challenge.... which I did.
Goodness, I surely respect the folks that are in the Arctic club.

I have also been tagged a couple of times for the grateful challenge.
Unfortunately for this, I have not had the chance to reply back.
So I thought it is apropos to have a post just for it.
Because I am grateful for so many things.

First and foremost is the good health of all my parents, myself and my dear ones.
I truly wish that I could pause time at this particular moment 
so that I am constantly surrounded by those who are near and dear to me.

I am very blessed to be given the support and love of true and the dearest of friends.
They are the ones that I go to to share the weight of any daily hurdles,
 support me in my ever changing endeavors 
and allow me to embrace my true self.
I TRULY do not know what I would do without you in my life.

I am so grateful to have a loving and supportive husband
 who has the patience for my endless quirkiness.
I thank my higher power that with him, I am not alone during the darkest of nights
and that he is the one with me that greets each new day.

I am humbled to be given healthy, intelligent and talented children
who give me daily challenges and experiences
that allow me to continue to grow and be a better person.

I cannot forget to thank those that have mentored me 
through various stages of my life.

,,and am lucky now to be able to pass down what I learned and be a mentor to others.

Each day I am reminded that 
true peace is always around me.
And that I should live for the moment.

Road blocks in my path are there to make me stronger
and to allow me to pause and find the hidden beauty.
...and that lessons are learned from these obstacles

Meditation (or attempts to) has taught me 
that there are many things that are beyond my control.
and that it's okay if I cannot fix it.
But that I find solace in knowing 
that I give my heart and self
at trying to make my world a better place.
and that I am teaching my children these same values.

What about you?
What are you grateful for?

Thursday, August 28, 2014

Thank You

One of my ambassadors really helped me out this summer...
And I wanted to say thanks.
She said she liked purple.
So I took out the tools..
And the beads...
She doesn't wear earrings so it had to be a bracelet.
...and this is what I came up with.
... But I still had a lot of beads and I was going on a car trip...
So out went the to-go bag...
...and it kept me occupied during the trip.
I pulled out the wire...
What to make?.....hmm.....
Her first name is hyphenated.
I think she likes them!  :)
Thanks for your help this summer, TK!  :)

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Sunday, August 24, 2014

Skipping 27

So I' m another year older...
The good news is, is that I skipped a whole year!
All of last year, I thought I was 28 ;)...
..and that I was turning 29.
But then hubs tells me that I am not turning 29 but 28!
So all of last year I was the wrong age...  At least in my brain!
I guess I could have done the math but I didn't.
So a year younger is a nice surprise!  :)

My birthday?....  Well, let's just say that it sure was memorable.
I was able to retreat and do a lot of soul searching.
I feel happier knowing the direction of certain paths of my life.
One of the things I've decided
is to let go and not worry about things I cannot control.
I just refuse to let things get me down.
So far, the cleansing is good!  ;)

But one thing I'm up and about with is what I am going to do with Area Code 352.
So if you have not been there yet, go take a gander!
Because I really want some feedback.
Should I keep at it?
I would really love to continue that blog and I really believe in its potential.
But it is just too costly.
...and much too time consuming to manage
 with its higher demand of website expertise.
I really don't know if I should stick with it...
Tell me what you think.

Also, there's so much that has happened since my birthday...
...that I still have to write about.
But just not enough time right now
so come on back and find out!  ;)
I should be writing more soon....promise!  ;)

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Monday, August 4, 2014

I hate July... and I've got a virus!

Sorry I haven't posted in a while...
You see, it's like this...
 I hate July...
I hate it because when my babies have their birthdays at the beginning of the month,
I feel old... like, really old..

and then I also know that in a month from their day, I turn a year older...
So it's a vicious cycle every year.
And unless I do something extra special
during the month of July that keeps me busy,
then I always think of that day in August when I turn another year older.

In the past couple of years, we were on vacation for most of this dreaded month
 so the past Julys were pleasant enough.
However, this year, we stayed home.
Don't get me wrong,
I'm getting a lot done around the house that needed to be done...
but this month has been intense.

There's been a lot of questions... 
I mean ridiculous questions...

and soul searching..
and planning...
and changes of plans...
and talking to a higher being...
and just trying to find some peace..
all of which seem fruitless...
Because I still have so many, many questions...
and I really don't seem to know which path to take
and where exactly I would find my answers...
So, yup. I kinda am lost.
...and I'm waiting for that AHA! moment.

Then on another note,the hubs tells me that two of the computers at home have a virus.
And that I am to stay away from the others that are not infected
...and he tells me that I am the cause because it is my tablet that got the virus first.
And that I infected the rest.
And I ask him how I will blog...
because blogging is my outlet...
and when I am blogging,
that's when the answers come...
but then the hubby?... he tells me that I cant blog.
Stay away from the computers, he says...

So I'm breaking the rules...

So now you know why there's been silence.
Hopefully soon, there will be some answers for me...
and a cure for the virus because the hubby seems to be taking his time with the fixing.

What about you?
Have you ever been in a similar place with the soul searching?
I sure would love to hear your story...

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 ...by the way, the pictures were taken earlier this year in Birmingham, Alabama.
Pretty city!  :)

Saturday, July 5, 2014

Primping for the 4th

Here's T's nail design for July.

Friday, July 4, 2014


I woke up early today (actually, I didnt sleep much--darn insomnia!)
and wanted to get some things done before the World Cup...
Or the rain...
Or before the tiredness of lack of sleep catches up...

I wanted to do some of my much needed to-do that involved 
tools and  wood.

And I remembered an old friend that I had bought once upon a time ago that 
I shoved in the shed until now.
(It's the one on the ground....ignore my rigged up miter saw table)

Now why did I not pull this machine out a long time ago?!

Oh my.... Look at those routed edges!!  :)
{SIGH!}. Its sooooooo preeeeetty!!!

The clouds are opening up and I finished staining right before the rain started...
Yup, that's Florida weather for ya!...

Can't wait to show you when it's done!

By the way,...the wood?...
They're recycled, of course!

By the way, did I tell you that I love comments?  ;)
Tells me that someone is reading!!  :)