Thursday, December 18, 2014

Slouch Hat

An ambassador of mine loves Edgar Allen Poe.
..and today, one of his quotes was very befitting...

"Sometimes I'm terrified of my heart;
of its constant hunger for whatever it is it wants.
The way it stops and starts"

-Edgar Allen Poe

I felt like crocheting so as not to think about anything but the counts.
Row 1 slip stitch...
Row 2 double crochet...
Row 3 chain stitch 2, 18 stitches total...

We lost a dear loved one today.
Our hearts are heavy.
Rest in Peace, fellow lumber jack, guitar hero ace,
caring, thoughtful and humble friend.
I hope that you are now at peace.

Sunday, December 7, 2014

ECK Design Updates

Sorry I have not checked in for a while...
 the day job and everything else has been crazy
and then I as well as everyone in the house got sick.  UGH!

Mom and Dad's 50th anniversary vow renewal had every second of my spare time taken.
I made invitations.
I made a bouquet.
Actually 5 of them.
 I also made a handful of flower displays.
Oh yeah, and 2 boutanieres.
Each of these items will be a post so stay tuned...
But for now, here's what the table looked like at the lunch reception. :)

I've also been finishing up some stole orders.
 I forgot to take pictures... if you can believe that...
but Congrats to the graduates!  :)

I also started a custom quilt order...
but since I am taking so long to publish this post, 
I had finished it and it has already been picked up.

I then had to start some wood projects that had to be rushed and completed fairly quickly.
Unfortunately, I made an error spelling the name of one and now have to do it all over..  =o(
Trust me, you will make mistakes.  UGH!

Great news is that I am welcoming Delta Delta Delta sorority to my shop!
I just got licensed with them and will be putting up items in the shop soon!
Ugh!  All the hand cutting is taking so long!  :(

Greatest news is that I am adding new sections in the shop!
I will be adding more quilts and will have a new quilt section...
  a celebration section for bouquets, flower arrangements and invitations,
and also a gifts section for my wood working stuff.  :)
Stay tuned as I update my Etsy shop a little at a time, BUT as fast as I can...  :)
I will be postponing the additions, however, until after the holidays
since I am fully booked with orders at this time.

WHEW!  I am tired but sooooo motivated and inspired.
...and a heartfelt thank you for all of you
that have supported, ordered and gotten the word out about me!
I am ever so grateful for you.

Thank you for your support of a green, and independent small business!

See you in the shop!

...and for those of you that would like to place custom orders
for after the holidays,
please email me at

Friday, November 7, 2014


Custom order.

Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Delta Gamma Listing- 11.4.14

Just listed new Delta Gamma pillows in My Etsy.
 Check them out!  Great gifts for you or for a sister!

Monday, October 13, 2014

Bedside Sewing

S2 has a concussion.  :(
Doc says rest only.
I spent most of the day doing 2 things.

1.  Arguing with him about keeping still.
 2.  Feeding him.

He can't be too sick if he is eating this much!
 But I was able to do the finishing stitches on the pillows I started this weekend.

It is now available in my Etsy.

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Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Gator Plunge

Once a month my team of ambassadors provide a team engagement that allows for all areas of our department to get together and spend some time with each other.

Last weekend was the first event and we chose to take advantage of Gator Plunge
 held by the Center for Leadership and Service.

 Only a small handful of us were there but it felt good to do something good, 
be outdoors and get some exercise too.

 Our project was cleaning and bringing down the students' organic garden to ground.

 It was hard work pulling and taking down structures, 
 picking and walking the piles a distance to the large dumpster.

Hoeing and cutting the waist high overgrown  grasses and plants.
 ...and just the picking up of all kinds of debris.

It was hard work amidst the bugs and snake

Uugh!!!  Yes, there was a snake! 
 ...and I was sweating bullets.
But as luck would have it, it was slightly overcast 
so it was a cooler day without the blazing sun.

The morning went by quickly.  
And our small crew bonded and felt accomplished.

We even welcomed an unofficial new ambassador for the day.  :
We would not have been able to finish that fast without you, Ryan!

Thank you!

...all is well that ends well...

What about you?  
 Have you given a day of service?
Have you done anything lately that makes you feel accomplished?

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