Friday, January 15, 2010

Projects On The Run

I have large tote bags each carrying a project complete with all materials needed for the particular project. I have one in each car and carry them wherever I go. The first project is a latch and hook project of which I started a year ago and rediscovered hidden in my studio. It is currently the project that I do to keep my busy while watching TV. It's especially great since Tashi has learned how to help me by linking the recycled cloth pieces. The second project is a knitting project that I started right before Christmas. It is my attempt at self-teaching myself to knit. I learned the basic knit stitch via youtube. I am not using any patterns and have decided to make it a pashmina-like shawl. When done, I will embellish with beads and ribbons. I intend to put both projects in my Etsy shop however, Tashi did help me with both of them so I might become attached to it before I finish and actually end up keeping it in the end.

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