Saturday, June 4, 2011

I sent off my application to participate at the O'Connell Center 2011 Craft Festival. Although the festival is not judged, you have to be chosen to be one of the more than 300 artists to participate. This year, I am focusing my craft to consist of my quilts and possibly some of Mom K's quilts too, Gator graduation stoles, my upcycled upholstery baskets, Greek pillows and some of my jewelry. I am supposed to hear back from them by mid-June if I am chosen. Keep your fingers crossed! In the meanwhile, I will need to keep myself busy producing my crafts. So I will be placing a whole lot of things in my etsy shop between now and then.

Here are some items that I've been working on the past month.
I have pieced two Gator tshirt quilts.

Hopefully I'll get a chance to long arm quilt next weekend....

I also made a Kappa Delta bolster pillow. I am hoping that all my Greek friends and students will help me advertise! (hint! hint!) =o)

Phew! hopefully all this crafting will help me clear out my craft room! It's a mess in there!!

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