Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Last Day of Vacation

I can't believe that the week went by so quickly! Along with this week's posts, the week was full of activities!!
I finally made some headway on a couple of quilts that had been put on hold for a long while... Here's a re-do of the Ti Voglio Bene quilt. Along with the design change, I will change the quilt name to Ti Amo.

For lack of design creativity, I decided to use the same pattern to make the other quilt that is long overdue to make... Here's the fabrics that I chose.

I also pieced some Gator Tshirt quilts and they are now ready for quilting.

We took a respite from all the home stuff and went to Sea World for the promised birthday escapade for the twins.

We came back home to do more "must-do" stuff like give the dogs a bath.

...and Roxy got a brush too.... She was loving her spa day!

I also finally tamed the jasmine wall!

I think that a great vacation ending would be to top it off with a massage! Don't you think?! =o)

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