Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Earring Break

So I haven't been in the mood for sewing for the past couple of nights. But needing to be productive, I decided to make earrings instead. Here are all my jewelry making gear spread out on the table... and a couple more larger bins on the floor...

Notice the tree... I thought that it would be a great earring holder! ;oP

I really got into it and was especially pleased with the help I got from T and S early in the night in designing the earrings. Here are the finished products shortly after midnight!

At work today, one of my co-workers asked me about feather earrings. She said that they are the latest craze. I looked all over for my bin of feathers that I use to make my art dolls and TADA! Here is what I came up with! S had a great time decorating the tree until he ran out of room... It'll be a nice collection to add to my Etsy!


  1. Do you sell your jewelry or is it just for personal use? -Cortland

  2. I sell all those that I don't give away. One only needs to ask to see them!...and whatever I dont sell in person I put in my Etsy shop!