Sunday, February 12, 2012


I got a most wonderful surprise from my bro-in-law yesterday and I LOVE it!!! I have never been into decorative ceramic animals of any kind but the crowing rooster has ALWAYS reminded me of my Lola's(grandma)house in the province. No matter where I am, when I hear the "cockadoodledoo" of any rooster, my thoughts go back to my very early childhood running around in my Lola's house and yard. I knew that I just had to have one of them to bring back and preserve this memory in my home. I mentioned this to L, who loves scavenging for good deals like myself, to grab me one if he finds...and he did!!! =o) Rooster is over a foot wide and almost 2 feet tall!! I know that his final home is right smack in the middle of my island counter. His colors are sooo beautiful and match my kitchen and adjacent family room so well! (more pics to follow AFTER I clean the counter! ;oP)

I've also been making more of my decorative pillows since I found out that my embroidery machine is STILL not working. This is after paying over $125 to get it fixed! I am not a happy camper! Here are the pillows of which I just put in my Etsy!

Have a blessed Sunday everyone!

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