Sunday, February 5, 2012

New Fave!

I found a new blog site to follow Simple Details and have been immersed in her posts for a couple of hours now.... AMAZING and so inspirational! I was going to start from her most recent post and work backwards but then felt as if I was missing a whole lot of information. It was like reading a book and starting at the last, click, click, click and I found her very first post. Thanks to Addicted 2 Decorating for introducing me!!

Unfortunately, all this excitement has been severely diminished by the feeling of "not being good enough". I quickly realized that I've been blogging for almost a whole year longer and I dont have any hits or followers! =o( So I am hoping that it's only because of my lack of "technology know how" and not knowing how to put my blog "out there" and not because my posts aren't interesting enough.... (this is about the time you're supposed to say, "well let me leave a comment so she doesn't think all this...." LOL! I guess I've just added another goal for myself this year, huh?


  1. AS i said you are my idol in artistry dept.Ledda Cardwell in Texas

  2. When it comes to giving comment on any form of art,I definitely want to be objective. 'Decided then to call on my daughter to choose what she likes from your online store. Kappa Delta Sister Bolster..! I knew it! I knew instantly that your design and choice of colors appeal to the young and not so young(that's me). I adore your one of a kind product because I knew the artist in you is reflected on each in everyone of it..and that is where the real value of your craft comes in. I look forward to see more of your crafts. GCC from Doha, Qatar

  3. What a nice surprise to come over to visit your blog and find that you were inspired...and then left feeling 'not good enough' it blew the wind right out of my sails! Everyone has different goals and commitments, I happen to be at place in my life that I can devote time to blogging and projects, and I truly love doing it. That said, I too feel inadequate - I'm not on Facebook or Pinterest like the rest of the bloggers (one of my goals). I wish you all the best with your new goals for your blog! I'm happy to be your newest follower and looking forward to your inspiration!