Monday, February 6, 2012

New Rug

Well I finally got rid of the old under the sink rug and changed it with this darker jewel toned one. I didn't think I'd like it as much but I think that it goes better with the theme. I made the curtains rather quickly when we first moved in and didn't realize how awful it looks! Project #1 of must do things. Project #2 of must do things is to repot some of the window plants. I LOVE the tall long stemmed plant that is growing like the magic beanstalk but need to research what it is first so that I can properly transplant and propagate it. Project #3 is to tile the window ledge. I really love the plants there and the plants seem to love it there too. Only problem is the wood of the ledge doesn't like it too much.

By the way, our kitchen counters are really never this neat. I have double deep commercial sinks and I pushed everything in it to take this picture!


  1. Wish I can afford to pay your services in decorating my itsy bitsy tiny home. It's my dream to collaborate with a real artist like you. I so much like the color combination of your kitchen.

    1. Anonymous... send me a picture of your worst home decorating dilemma and I will try and help free of charge! However, you gotta allow me to post before and after pics! ;o)