Friday, May 4, 2012

Cabbage Stats

Can you tell that they are sitting on top of my bathroom scale?!
Now you can see why we had to go to Publix.  
The one on the left is T's.  Hers came out really pretty. 

So here we were at Publix early the next morning before school weighing the cabbages.
S2's was the clear winner.  His cabbage weighed in at  22 lbs. while hers was only 18 lbs.
 They knew that only one of their cabbages would win and have a chance at winning
for the state of Florida.
But then we saw that a previous submission had an entry with 2 names!
Both being siblings. 
So, we took a quick picture of the both of them after S2's soccer game while it was still light outside.
Here's the picture that was submitted!
Cross your fingers that they win!!!  =o)

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  1. Those are some impressive plants. I'm jealous, actually. I'm still struggling to bring my garden vegetables up to a pound each.