Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Day 10: First Come, First Serve

The one thing about this place was that it was being marketed well. 

 Anyone wanting to go to see the Underground had to pass by here first and catch the boat that will take you to the mountain. 
The area really catered to the tourists and it was a hub of activity. 
There were alot of little souvenir shops in the area and places to buy drinks and snacks.  Even though it was by the water, it was still ridiculously hot.  But the views certainly made up for the heat.
I swear that this is not a postcard!  Isnt it just unbelievably beautiful?  According to Beth, the boats are rented very fast and there are many tour groups wanting to rent and so it's first come, first serve.  I found the boats so beautiful and what is even more amazing to me was that most of these boats are all handmade by their owner as a means to make their living! 
...And to prove that we were really there, here's a picture of my cousin taken on the boardwalk while we were waiting for our boats! 
There are some great books about Palawan available in Amazon like  Palawan the Last Frontier,  Migrants to the Coast:(A Case Study Book on Contemporary Social Issues that explain the livelihood of the people of the area), Unforgetable Islands to Escape to Before You Die, and Rough Guide to the Philippines.  Here's one (click here) that you can get for your kindle.  There's even one for fiction lovers, by C.D. Williams!

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