Saturday, July 28, 2012

Day 10: Touch Me Not

The carabao was not the only point of attraction or interest for our group.  Right by the road side grew many Mimosa Pudica plants also called Touch Me Nots.  (click here for more information about them.)  I loved these plants as a child and I was so happy that I could show them to my children as I have not seen them in the states.  These plants have tiny little leaves that open up and out to the sun.  As soon as you touch them, the plant retracts and all of its leaves close!  Just as fast as you touch them!  They were very entertaining to me as a child and I could spend hours just touching all that I could find around the garden. 
And right in front of this plant wonder is the most amazing view of the side of a mountain. 
It was so incredibly beautiful.

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  1. We call that plant as "mahiyain" meaning shy.