Monday, August 6, 2012

Spotlighting Guest Travellers

The Olympics made me stay up late last night...  so I'll have to depend on my students and their blogs.

Nichole is back from Ghana.  Check out her blogsite to see pictures and stories of her wonderful trip.

Victoria is also back from Spain.  Her blog has AMAZING details of her travels both in pictures and in her writings.  She was in Spain for an entire semester so there is plenty to read about!

Abel is still in Ecuador.  He returns this week.  His blog mostly has food experience.  =o)

Arlene is still in Hongkong.  She has a WONDERFUL picture blog of all the places she has seen and all the food too!  She has been all over Hongkong and mainland China so her blog has lots to see!

Rebecca is still in Qatar but will be returning in 2 weeks.  She is thoroughly enjoying her last days there... primarily eating and going to the souqs.


  1. everyone is doing such amazing things!!! this makes me very happy :)))