Monday, September 17, 2012


T tagged along with her Lola during their early Saturday jaunt and went to her very first yard sale (although she will say that it actually is her second one...) Unfortunately, it wasnt as kid friendly as she liked but she adapted fairly well!
First she found a  bird that she really liked but it was 50 cents and she only wanted to pay a quarter.  So she bartered and she got it! 
She then spotted a flower nest which she thought would be a perfect home for her bird!  She got it for another quarter...
She then looked around more and found another bird but a baby one this time.... and she got it again for a quarter!
She was so happy about it and excitedly put it together.  She was even happier when she told me that it only cost her 75 cents!  When she showed me, she asked me if she can put it in a special place to decorate the house.
We put the birds to nest in the guest bathroom up in a ledge and away from Spikey.  This way, all our house visitors that use the restroom can also enjoy them. 
I think that she's got the decorating touch already...
What do you think?


  1. She got your design skills, Ellen! That little nest is just perfect for that corner.

  2. She got your design skills, Ellen! The nest is just perfect for that corner.

  3. How sweet it coordinates perfectly with that beautiful sink of yours...xo

  4. Beautiful! I love it. Tell T she has a great eye!

  5. I think so too! That's a perfect spot for it!!