Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Fabric Pumpkin

So I have always loved pumpkins...  not to eat... just to look at.  I LOVE the color, love the design... there's just something about them that I like...  and of course, they come during my most favorite time of the year...  Autumn!!!  =o)
So every time I am in my sewing studio, it never fails that one of the twins (or both) will go in there to want to sew too.  (I really, really, need a bigger studio with a nice large table for crafting too...){SIGH!}  Well that was the case yesterday.  T came in asking me for a project and luckily enough, I was on pinterest the night before looking at any new DIY postings. 
Unfortunately, I didn't pin the one that I was looking at but a quick google search had me ooh-ing and ahh-ing at Allison's pumpkin post 
 Here is a great tutorial from Lindsay of Cottage Home. 
Sooo cute, aren't they? 
So T and I dug around my toss bins and found an angora sweater, some upholstery fabric, helped herself to my "stuffing scraps" and here was her result!!!  TA-DA!
She really did everything except for some help with the stem!  Although I was able to convince her to use the recycled jute instead of purple fabric for her stem.  I think she did an AMAZING job, don't you?  =o)  She was so proud of it that she ran downstairs upon finishing and showed S2 and her dad.  When I came down this morning, she had it placed nicely with the other pumpkins decorating the kitchen!  =o)
Now S2 says he wants to make one too...  ^_O