Saturday, October 6, 2012

Pinterest to do #1

I have several pins of inspirational Quilts that I'd like to do.  This one really caught my eye and is a perfect one for a wedding gift.
I had to back search so that I can give proper credit to who made it and I believe that it may be Natalie from Hideaway Girl since I found it on her photostream on Flickr. 
I am forcing myself to get used to being more upright than just lying down all the time and what a better way than sewing!  =o)   I really think about the people that I make my quilts for and the meaning for each one besides just the prettiness of the design.  For this particular one, The square is important (only because it is the closest to a circle and I cant sew circles ;oP)  The circle, or square in this case means whole, with a main core (love? the couple? the spirit?)....and as time goes, the ripple only grows stronger yet remains intact,
 regardless of how many layers (ups and downs of life). 
 For me, I'd like to think that the ripples means growth of family which can be interpreted in many ways.  =o)
I'm really excited to start this quilt and even better that it is a quilt of healing for me. 
Stay tuned for the progress! 

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