Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Roasted Pumpkin Seeds

It's become a tradition in our house that the kids get their super huge pumpkin with Mommy.  This year, 3 different adults got it into the house!  ;oP
This year, S1 gave them a math problem to solve and the winner gets to dig their hands into the pumpkin first. 
Can you tell who lost by this picture?! ;oP
They then draw on the pumpkin with their washable marker based on their already pre-drawn design.   
This year, T took the lead in the artistic details while S2 was in charge of the technical.
Then they dug and scraped and got their hands into the gooey gob of mess. 
They, of course, love this part the best! 
T patiently gathers every seed while S2 preps the inside lining free and clean of the pumpkin's guts. 
 S2 loves to use a melon scraper tool for this part of the process.
Of course, their Daddy was in charge of the knife. 
As T washes the seeds well,   S2 puts the finishing touches with Daddy.  They then put in the pumpkin lights and place it in the front window by the door. 
All the while, the pumpkin seeds are roasting in the oven.
An awful lot of work just for roasted pumpkin seeds, isnt' it?
Well, this mommy sure loved them and made them disappear awfully fast.  =o( 
I had to buy them more seeds at the grocery store the next day...
  Ahh... the fun that one pumpkin can bring!
Have a great Halloween folks! 
This house is gonna be full of ninjas!!

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