Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Saving Millie (Amy)

T was walking with me on one of my afternoon therapy walks when Millie came upon us.  Millie (as we named her) stayed next to us wherever we went and kept meowing as if to tell us something.
As we took a closer look at her, we noticed her very thin frame and her ribs showing.
We went to one of our neighbors and inquired about her and found out that she was left by her previous owners (another neighbor)  who had left and is still in the process of selling their home.  This is when I realized that Millie was left on her own for close to 4 months...without any food and water!!!  Upset about this, I contacted a friend of mine who just happened to have a cousin needing a friend.
They came to pick up Millie (who they later named Amy) and despite being hungry and scared as we took her away from the only home she knew to be stuffed in a carrying case, she never hissed and only meowed away. 
Her new owners took her to the vet the next day and we found out that Amy is now 11 years old and has thyroid cancer.  Her new owners decided that they will keep Amy and give her love and a good life until it is time for her to go. 
Amy is now in a safe home with people that are giving her love and care.
Thank you so much Fifi...and Kathy, for all your help! 
Fifi, I hope that Amy gives you much happiness and love.

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  1. That is so sad that someone can just leave their cat behind to fend for themselves like that...she looks so sweet! We get those a lot at the shelter, where a neighbor will be bringing in a a cat (we've gotten some dogs too) that people have left behind when they move. I don't get it! :(

    I love that there's a happy ending for Millie, she's so lucky she found you guys! This totally made my day :)