Sunday, February 24, 2013

Lady De La Leche

The kids had to do some research for their projects and so we went to the oldest city in America, St. Augustine, to get up close and learn about Florida history.
It was such a beautiful day outside and we were all excited to do the tourist thing!
We went with Old Towne Trolley Tours (green and orange).
They have discounted admission prices to the different museums and such and have great tour guides.
We decided to park at La Leche, the fams favorite place to visit every time we go to this wonderful city.
This beautiful chapel is located around the historical grounds where the first settlers laid foot. 
It is a chapel that houses the shrine of Lady De la Leche
 and it is said that she really does hear the prayers of women, in particular. 
  I know that for my family, we always go to this shrine every time we are in town to say thanks for our many blessings. 
 ...and always to light a candle.

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