Friday, March 1, 2013

Retro Handset

For most of my peeps out there, I know you remember using these telephones...
This fellow Etsyer has them on his shop here. 
This particular one is the "fancy" one because it is a push button instead of the older rotary dial ones.
Well we are now in the era of cell phones and these phones I grew up with are now called "retro".  @_@
So you can only imagine my delight when I saw these!!!  =o)
Woohoo!  *Happy Dance!*  =o)
I bought myself a red one right away... just like I had in my old room growing up. 
I LOVE it! 
It is easier on the neck when cell phone multi-tasking ;oP
and best of all, it can't expose you to all that bad cell phone waves that "they" say we are exposed to whenever we use our cellphones.
Plus, I think that it looks much better on the desk in your office! 
Amazon has them here for a ridiculously great price! (cheaper than I spent!)
For those of you that are into metallics, here's a gold one and an aluminum one. 
So darn cool, aren't they?!
For those of you that are into blue tooth, they have them too here.
But then you start to lose that "retro" feel.  I really LOVE mine...cord and all!!  =o)
C'mon you know you want one too!! 
Here's the link again!!  Let me know which color you get!  =o)

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