Saturday, February 22, 2014

Barko GIft

I FINALLY gave them their wedding gift!

It really is veeeeery long overdue!!
I started them a quilt but could never finish it...
So I knew I had to do something so that they can have something from me.  ;)

I started out with a board of pine.

Then painted it with black acrylic.

I then sanded it to bring some of the wood underneath for a nice distressed finish.

I silhouetted letters and taped it onto the board in the layout I wanted.

Painting came next.
 I used crafting acrylic paint in ivory.

I then did the same to all the text.
I really wanted the letters to stand out so I kept painting over and over.
I probably put on 4 layers total.

Then let it all dry.

Last was a coat of polyurethane.

And it was ready to give!  ;)

I really liked how it turned out!

Eventually I'll give them the quilt I started...
but at least now they have something ;)
They just had their anniversary...
Great timing huh?

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