Friday, February 7, 2014

Its All In the Moon and Stars

It's a friend's birthday today and I wanted to make her something.

I always talk with her about symbols...
and how they relate to the moon and stars...
..and so it had to be about that.

 I also thought that the color red was apropos.

...maybe it's because it is her favorite color.
...or perhaps because she was born during the month of hearts.
I will let her decide on the color symbolism.
But I also chose the longer coral-like beads.
Because in my culture, long things given on birthdays symbolize long life.

However, I gave it to her clasped together in its circular form.
Because the circle has many meanings.

I then placed it in a green gift bag.
Because it is from me...

and I love Mother Earth 
and everything she symbolizes...

However, it can be that it has no meaning to her whatsoever...
except that it's a sign of friendship.  :)
But that's okay too.  

I just hope that she likes(d) it.

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  1. Replies
    1. I think so! ;). Even gave me a thank you card. She wore it yesterday! :)