Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Who Wants to Read About Poop?

At the dinner table last night, I proudly told the fam that I have blog content.
T looked at me and stated.."Mommy, no one wants to read about poop!"
Hubby' s reply was..."That's what's wonderful about the internet.
Somebody somewhere will want to read about poop."
So guess what.... I'm gonna talk about poop. ;)
I'm gonna get really personal here because I'm gonna show you our poop...
Actually, its about our septic.
Look how full it was!!!

When your toilet is talking at you and the toilet water is bubbling and
 things are coming out of it and you have a septic tank,
Your very immediate next move is to make an emergency call to the septic people.

Yesterday was spent waiting for the septic people to come.
...and normally, I wouldn't make a habit of blogging about a business
but Ronnie  was a real nice guy.
(that's who Myers Bros.  Septic here in town sent).

He gave me the 411 about our septic system...
And how it works
Can you see how full that is?
So sorry to be grossing you out!

And what I should do to help our tank stay healthy
with my need to clean with bleach.
He gave me the okay signal to video him and let me post it on my blog.  ;)

While he dug and did his work, he patiently answered all my questions
And even told me funny stories of his past customers in the 18 years that he's been doing this job.

He also told me of some of his learning experiences when he first started in the business.  And I couldn't help but cringe when he told me of the time he fell into one of the tanks he was pumping. YUUUUUCKK!!
{shiver, shiver}

He shared stories about his family and
 He really made the whole process a good learning moment.
...and when all was done, did a great job of putting everything back as it was.

For those of you that live here in town,
I recommend Myers Bros.
They were fast and reliable and also helpful.
Make sure to ask for Ronnie!  ;)


  1. Ellenopalus!! I love reading your blog!!

  2. What a great tip! We have a septic and I'm going to try this!

    Thanks so much!

    1. Karianne! One word....WOW! I'm star struck! O_O Thanks for visiting my blog! ;)