Sunday, April 27, 2014

O&M Dinner

My hubby and I?.... Well, we love to do things differently.
When we were registered for our china all those years ago, 
we didn't want to settle for just one particular setting.
So we registered for one of every plate.
The salesperson thought we were nuts.  ;)

I mean, really, I don't understand why one would limit themselves
To having the same china for the rest of their lives.

And it is for the rest of their lives 
because can you believe how much just one of those plates cost?!?
I mean really, they're so darn pricey that you don't want to really use them...
Except on those once in a while special occassions.
(Oops...guess I took a picture of the same plate twice)

And tonight is one of them nights.  :)
It is for my team at the day job.

And its my special thank you to them.
for a year of hard work and great friendship.

I wanted the table to have a summer theme
And since I'm really into flowers lately, I wanted flowers here and there.
They're all from my garden!
...the first cuttings from my roses!  ;)
The cut jasmines smell wonderful! ;)

Turkey's baking in the oven and the house smells yummy!  ;)

Tonight's Menu

Baked Turkey with gravy
Pancit (Filipino noodles)
Lumpia (Filipino egg rolls)
Sauteed green beans in sesame oil
Garlic and vegetable fried rice

Even T baked them something for dessert!  ;)
Red velvet with chocolate icing and coconut with cream cheese frosting.  :)

I sure hope they enjoy tonight!  :)

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