Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Gator Plunge

Once a month my team of ambassadors provide a team engagement that allows for all areas of our department to get together and spend some time with each other.

Last weekend was the first event and we chose to take advantage of Gator Plunge
 held by the Center for Leadership and Service.

 Only a small handful of us were there but it felt good to do something good, 
be outdoors and get some exercise too.

 Our project was cleaning and bringing down the students' organic garden to ground.

 It was hard work pulling and taking down structures, 
 picking and walking the piles a distance to the large dumpster.

Hoeing and cutting the waist high overgrown  grasses and plants.
 ...and just the picking up of all kinds of debris.

It was hard work amidst the bugs and snake

Uugh!!!  Yes, there was a snake! 
 ...and I was sweating bullets.
But as luck would have it, it was slightly overcast 
so it was a cooler day without the blazing sun.

The morning went by quickly.  
And our small crew bonded and felt accomplished.

We even welcomed an unofficial new ambassador for the day.  :
We would not have been able to finish that fast without you, Ryan!

Thank you!

...all is well that ends well...

What about you?  
 Have you given a day of service?
Have you done anything lately that makes you feel accomplished?

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