Sunday, December 7, 2014

ECK Design Updates

Sorry I have not checked in for a while...
 the day job and everything else has been crazy
and then I as well as everyone in the house got sick.  UGH!

Mom and Dad's 50th anniversary vow renewal had every second of my spare time taken.
I made invitations.
I made a bouquet.
Actually 5 of them.
 I also made a handful of flower displays.
Oh yeah, and 2 boutanieres.
Each of these items will be a post so stay tuned...
But for now, here's what the table looked like at the lunch reception. :)

I've also been finishing up some stole orders.
 I forgot to take pictures... if you can believe that...
but Congrats to the graduates!  :)

I also started a custom quilt order...
but since I am taking so long to publish this post, 
I had finished it and it has already been picked up.

I then had to start some wood projects that had to be rushed and completed fairly quickly.
Unfortunately, I made an error spelling the name of one and now have to do it all over..  =o(
Trust me, you will make mistakes.  UGH!

Great news is that I am welcoming Delta Delta Delta sorority to my shop!
I just got licensed with them and will be putting up items in the shop soon!
Ugh!  All the hand cutting is taking so long!  :(

Greatest news is that I am adding new sections in the shop!
I will be adding more quilts and will have a new quilt section...
  a celebration section for bouquets, flower arrangements and invitations,
and also a gifts section for my wood working stuff.  :)
Stay tuned as I update my Etsy shop a little at a time, BUT as fast as I can...  :)
I will be postponing the additions, however, until after the holidays
since I am fully booked with orders at this time.

WHEW!  I am tired but sooooo motivated and inspired.
...and a heartfelt thank you for all of you
that have supported, ordered and gotten the word out about me!
I am ever so grateful for you.

Thank you for your support of a green, and independent small business!

See you in the shop!

...and for those of you that would like to place custom orders
for after the holidays,
please email me at

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