Sunday, March 29, 2015

V Custom TShirt Quilt

Remember when I told you about this box that I received full of tshirts?
If you follow me on my facebook you would have seen my post when I received it.

Well, it is a custom order quilt with tshirts
from the client's elementary school through her college years.

She had it boxed up in a closet 
and made the great decision of having them made into a quilt!  :)

Soon she will be displaying it out to be admired 
instead of  it being hdden in the closet and forgotten.
What a fantastic way to reminisce and see her past accomplishments!

I finished piecing the tshirts
...and spent most of the day quilting on the long arm.

Now it's the laborious task of hand sewing the binding.

I will show you finished pics when all done.

If you are interested in getting a custom quilt made,
you can place your order through my Etsy here.

In the meanwhile, hope you are having a fantastic weekend!

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