Sunday, April 26, 2015

Lavender and Magnets

The plants are GROWING like crazy!!
More pics to come soon as I try to de-jungle the mess.  UGH!
But the lavender is oh so sweet and I can't help but want to touch the leaves.
Unfortunately, I may have harmed the bird's nest that 
I didnt realize was hidden under the bush. =o(

I  was able to get a small bunch of sweet smells to have on the table though!

On a another note, 
I stopped by a few yard sales on the way from the grocery on Saturday morning
and I was able to find a couple of very used tin oven pans.

I have been meaning to find a couple of them to house my gi-normous
magnet collection that I have acquired from my travels over the years.

A small handful of them are gifts from friends 
but on the whole, I chose most of them from places that I have visited.

This is only about a tenth of the collection...
So I am looking for more pans!
But T and I had a wonderful time going through them last night
and placing them in their new resting place.  
What about you...  do you have anything that you collect?
Comment and share! :)

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