Sunday, January 31, 2010

Young at Art

It was a rainy Saturday for us and the kids were bugging me for a project. It was decided by them that it is a "painting" day. (I groaned.... wonderful...)
Thankfully enough I had remembered to stop by and pick up some more plaster figures earlier in the week, when my daughter showed me the painting kit she had purchased at her classroom store. I knew that there would be a fight if the other didn't have one for him to paint. I also bought a couple of pieces of wood at Lowe's across the street for another project I had in mind. Here are the kids in their painting shirts working hard...

Here are the finished products:

As for myself, I pieced 2 baby quilts.

I covered the names(yellow fabric) in case their Mommies read my site. Next weekend I will finish the quilting and I will post them up again finished and uncovered once I've mailed them off.

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