Friday, January 29, 2010

Wayward Frog

I got back our bottle cap creations today! Thanks to Kim for dropping it by my work yesterday! Here they are! We were able to make 3 each, some pendants, some magnets. The bottom 3 were my creations. The one on top of mine were my daughter’s. The third line from bottom were my son’s and the ones on top were my best friend’s, who got really creative with beads and cutouts. The frog on top I found in the bunch. I don’t know if Kim had thrown it in there as a gift or if it was someone else’s that got in our pile by mistake. Nevertheless, he has now found a new home with us!

Here's a closeup of my friend's so that you can see the detail. Hers turned out the best out of all of ours, I think...

I am sooooo glad that it's friday though because I have alot of projects that I want to try and start or finish up this weekend. I also received my new issue of Quilting Arts and I want to browse through it.. ahhhhh so much to do and so little time...

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