Saturday, February 27, 2010

Oh no!

I'm really enjoying the Olympics and was upset at Apollo Ohno's disqualification last nite from the 500m race. Unfortunately I fell asleep and was not able to watch the team relay but am glad that US still won a medal. I'll have to watch out for a video of the race somewhere later... I can't wait for the hockey match tomorrow and am not sure who I am going to cheer for, being a Canadian and an American both.

In the meanwhile, I just found the picture of another baby quilt that I had made for my boss' daughter. The theme of her room is a sea theme in blue. I mixed it with coral just so that it will give it some girly look. Do you guys think I accomplished it?

I am happy at the hits that I am getting on my etsy site and I am in the process of adding a couple of PC sorority pillows on the list. Unfortunately, I made a mistake on the letters of the NPHC sorority pillow that I had made and now have to do it all over.

I have also decided that I will do a drawing every month and give away a jewelry item from my follower list. So make sure that you forward my blog link to your friends and families and make sure to comment on my posts! I do love feedbacks! Luckily, I have a couple of followers and so for you two, one of you may receive something in the beginning of March!

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