Sunday, February 28, 2010

Thoughtful Sunday

The 2010 Olympics ends tonight. Strange how well you get to know the different athletes through the tv set or computer. I'm proud of my teams.... whether they be the US, Canada, Poland or whoever else it is that fought hard and reached their moment of glory to partake in these games. I am amazed by this powerful event. At being able to gather people from all cultures, religions, parts of the world that are so different and believe in things so unsimilar. And yet, the camaraderie that everyone and throughout the globe feels is beyond words. How wonderful it would be if we can live and continue to live in this Olympic world.

During my early morning jaunts through the internet, I stumbled across a wonderful blogsite by The Little Red Hen. I ended up spending all my alone time just going through her posts after post. Her work is inspiring and her sunday thoughts and pictures of the day are very much thought provoking. As my mom-in-law picked up the kids for church, I realized that my Sundays are usually a bedlam of thoughts centered around speed and time or lack thereof. So I've decided that for this and every other day of Sabbath, I will slow down for just a small moment and meditate on me and what's around me. For this first posting, I'd like to quote Little Red Hen's posting of Daring Leaps in keeping with the closing of the Olympics.

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