Sunday, February 21, 2010

Up and Down and All Around

I'm still working on the moving up of my studio from a small closet space downstairs to the guest bedroom upstairs. I have to admit that I am sore from the many trips up and down the stairs and even the kids have given up regardless of money offered. I've been enjoying watching the Olympics and to keep me busy while I watch I have produced some decorative pillows for a show that I want to participate in. I've made one for all MGC sororities in UF except for the one with the red color... unfortunately, the UF/MGC link was broken so I wasn't able to get the name. Here are my creations and hopefully they'll sell. I will make one for every sorority... on to NPHC then Panhellenic??
With the labor and materials, I will price these at $18 each. Contact me if interested!

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