Tuesday, January 11, 2011

UFO #1

So I woke up early again this morning which was great. I've taken to sleeping at night almost the same time as the kids and so a couple of hours in the morning when the house is all quiet is definitely luxury time. In search of something quick to do, I decided to tackle my scrap piles which are starting to pile up around my sewing machine area.

Wanting to see results right away, I knew that the best thing to do is to make sense of some piecings that I have already done before and arrange them together to make a quilt. I was quite surprised how much I already had that went together! Here it is laid out on more than half of T's queen size bed.

Then I heard the wake up call from the hubby downstairs to start off the day. Knowing that I have more than a whole hour to wait this evening because of piano lessons, I grabbed my crochet hook and nearest spool of yarn... I wonder if I can finish a cool scarf tonite?

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