Monday, January 10, 2011

A Year In the Life Of....

With one of my New Year's Resolution in mind: "Have More Time for Me", I decided to also be more intentional with my daily blogging. Here's my thoughts, it's really a domino effect. This artsy blog is to document inspiration and creativity around my life and in order for me to blog about something, then I should also be creating. And in the process of creating, I find luxury time for me... So, here is what we did this weekend.

I finally made good headway on scrapbooking our holiday mail!

As you can see, there's 10 pages, 20 sleeves in all, all scrapbooked nice and neat for my 2011 book!

T made a mobile from her Girl Scout Lock-In which she said was a mobile about "feelings". Her mobile are her different facial expressions.

S2 put his birdhouse together that he got from Aunt M for Christmas and yesterday both he and his sister painted it.

I also took out my basket of stamps and the kids enjoyed discovering the different designs.

It's a pretty good start for the year, don't you think??

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  1. they inherited their mother's giftedness and way of seeing the beauty in the world! :)