Saturday, July 16, 2011

Made Craft Festival!!

I was chosen to be one of the craft vendors for the 2011 UF O"Connell Center Fall Craft Festical!! I am so excited to be chosen and now I must use up all the free time that I have to create some stuff for it!! I have decided to put all the things into Etsy as I complete them and then whatever does not sell, I can bring to the festival. I do have alot of jewelry already finished from before and so I will have a small area displaying these original creations! It's really exciting to be preparing for it and to get creative on how to market well.

Since it is prime time for the Christmas shopping season, I've decided to show alot of my Gator tshirt lap quilts. and also have some pre-embroidered graduation stoles.

When I told everyone that I made it in the festival, T decided to help me get a jump start on it.

She sewed while I cut and ironed. It was a great partnership!

I love spending these creative times with her and her enthusiasm at the little things. At this project, she learned how to handle an iron for the first time! =o) Hopefully, she will not forget these times with Mommy...

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