Thursday, January 12, 2012

Follower Give Away!

So one of my resolutions is to be a little more organized. For those that have seen my office at work, they are surely shaking their head that this is not going to happen... But hey, at least I'm going to try! ;oP

So as I try to wade through the room that is called my art studio. I have decided to give away one of the items that I forgot to bring to the Craft show this past December. It is also one of my items that has expired in my Etsy that I have not renewed again. So, I've chosen to give my Omni Style Crocheted Tangerine Scarf to one of my followers, Ambar, who was also my first ever follower to my blog! She was also the one that recommended this blog site to me and helped me get through the initial pangs of anxiety over blogging. Here she is modeling the scarf for me and I wish that I knew how to do a mosaic picture post of all the different ways that she models of how to wear and display this scarf! I think that out of all of my followers, she would appreciate this the most!

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