Sunday, February 19, 2012

The Dog who cried wolf!

Roxy kept us up again last night. She has been doing this now every night for the past month. She wants to be let out every 2 or so hours and when you do, she stands out there and sniffs the air. It has become quite trying and she did it again last night. But this time, we stood our ground. We ignored her and said no. She didn't like it at all and was quite vocal about it. We ignored her and kept trying to sleep.
THIS WAS NOT A GOOD IDEA! BAD CALL on our part. We woke up this morning to piles and trails of very unpleasant STUFF all over the house! =o( Thankfully enough she was smart enough to avoid the rugs and went mostly on the tiled areas. For the past couple of hours now I've been mopping and re-mopping the floors with clorox. S1 tells me that it's clean enough. My "all things in my home must be sanitary" paranoia thinks that I've got to keep mopping... so I sent S1 to get me more clorox! ;o/


  1. Clorox is the best disinfectant you could ever have in the house and it's cheap to buy it.I don't live in a house without it.Make booties for your critter to prevent that kind of mess:):)Pleasanton,Texas

  2. If it were only booties needed, the mess would have not been so bad....BUT what we needed was more like extra absorbent, super sanitary diapers! =o(

  3. Felt warm for your critter because why does he had to wear those undies that nsg home residents wear:):):0:)Libmanan,Camarines Sur,Philippines