Wednesday, March 7, 2012

A Present from C2

This post is for my sister. There are three of us girls and in highschool, it was easier for us just to go with a short nickname. We have a strict Dad and so we were always stuck together because that was the only way that we could get permission to go out. I am the oldest and I am C1. Our maiden name starts with a C. The middle sister is C2 and the baby is C3.

Anyways, I am lucky to be blessed with 2 sisters that ABSOLUTELY LOVE and I mean LOVE to go shopping. By that I mean clothes shopping....and they give me alot of hand me downs! =o) They know every single brand name that is out there. As usual, I am the odd sheep of the bunch with my style being more Bohemian and vintage. I just love the turn of the century looks and the fashions before the 60s. I adore brocaded fabrics and textiles that have a story of their own. Which explains my passion for sewing and textile artistry.

So back to my sisters, C2 is the one in the trio that is really into shoes. She is a size larger than me. With today's current shoe fad, I am amazed at how they can wear (and balance) these super HIGH heels of today. I just never seemed to have recovered from my pregnancy days and remained at outfitting myself with mostly flat shoes.

Just a couple of weeks ago, my mom gave me a box of shoes from C2. Luckily for me, it didnt fit the friend who she bought them for. When I opened the box, I just stared at the shoes. Because they were not "my typical", I found them fascinating. lol. You guys probably think I'm crazy but I really am used to flat ballerina type shoes. But I love everything about these from their high platforms to their high heels to the super large cute bow. (and I dont like bows!) I put one of those heel backs on them and they fit me just fine. I still don't know to where I would actually wear them but I love knowing that I have them. =o)

So this post is spurred by this new blog that I am following Wendy's Lookbook which you can also find on the right of my page under favorite blogs. Although her blog is absolutely amazing because of her fashion style, what really started me following her was her social justice work on juvenile reform and underprivileged youths....and she has a great scarf tutorial!!!!!

So, this will probably be the ONLY fashion/clothing post that I will ever put on my blog, but know that I am now following Wendy's blog so hopefully this means that I will be inspired to change my Bohemian look somewhat! (Hey, she's got a Bohemian style dress similar to mine where all she did was cinch a belt around it! So I'm not that far away...... lol!

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  1. so so cute! i'm sure you look super hot in them!