Monday, April 30, 2012

Earth Day Plantings

For three years in a row, T and I have planted some plants for Mother Earth.  We were a little late this year but better late than never!  As usual, I went and got a pair of plants.  I believe in pairs... they are my good luck!  =o)

I purchased the plants over the weekend but just never got around to the actual planting because of all the sewing that I had to finish.  Over dinner, I reminded T that we had to plant today.  Of course, S2 did not want to be left out...thankfully for me!  ;oP  

  I gave them each a shovel and set them to work.

 They got right down to work and soon we had both plants in the ground.
 There was an empty spot on the front yard by the magnolias that was sticking out to me like a sore thumb.  I wanted it to fill in and have the hedge continue in its circular path towards the tree line; instead of just stopping short.

Here it is from a distance.  It looks better already.  I think that T dug her hole a little bit too forward but I think that it will be okay once the green viburnum on the left fills up some. 
Doesn't it look much better?

I just wish that the deer wouldn't keep munching on the cypresses.  =o( 

 After all that digging, T and S2 decided to do a quick bathing suit change and take advantage of the watering in the backyard.

 Soon enough, the dogs joined in and Spikey spotted the ball.  It didn't matter how large it was....only that it was a ball.
 Soon enough, S1 joined in also with a frisbee.  I, of course, stayed dry near the shade by my wall of jasmine.

 Another typical day in the K household...  =o)
Happy Monday everyone!

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