Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Day 3: Naga

After a day of unpacking and packing, and eating and resting, and eating more mangoes and some pedicures and eating and some more eating,  we were ready for  the main purpose of this family trip here to the P.I.    We left Paluig to go back to Manila (approx 4 hour drive) to catch the plane that would take us to Naga.  According to our drivers, the traffic is always as bad as we saw it…and every hour of the day is always rush hour…

The lines for domestic travel were quite long and it didn’t help that the rain really started pouring down as we waited for our flight.  At this time, we were hearing about all the flight cancellations up North to Palawan which was our destination just a handful of days away.   But our flight was down south to Naga, after all, so we were just hoping to make the flight.  But as tropical storm Mawar strengthened to a typhoon, effects of it was causing cancellations and delays, including our own.  During this time, we learned that people in the Philippines, or at least the people in that airport, have no care as to personal space or being rude.  It does not matter that you are all together in the company of a group.  As soon as your butt frees a space of even a couple of inches, it apparently becomes free space for the taking. 
Fortunately enough, our flight was only delayed an hour and a half and the actual plane ride there was smooth and turbulent free all the way to Naga.  For my sisters and I, this is the first time back in Naga after 20 years.  The last time we were here was during one of Philippine history’s devastating typhoons and all of the Bicol area was submerged in water.  Memories of my Dad’s homeland because of that visit remained very unappetizing for us. 
We were curious to see what is to come. 
We could not help but be so excited to see what to expect.  As we landed and taxied towards the little town’s airport, my eyes kept darting to the doors to see if I could get a glimpse of my cousin, MJimmy, who I have only ever just communicated with over email and facebook chats.  As we neared the building, I could not help stop the tears of joy at what I saw that was waiting for my Dad to see.
Welcome home, Daddy, welcome home! <3


  1. My eyes were submerged with tears seeing all your pics of joy and memories that i wished i was a part of. I'm so proud of your work on this because you were able to wing many tasks in every moment whether sitting or sightseeing next to the plane's window,etc, you've got pen and paper with you to write down events before some of it slip away in your mind.From the buttom of my heart i enjoyed every pics and reading it.

  2. Am sure you're not making us cry, but why are there tears in my eyes