Thursday, June 28, 2012

Welcome to Naga

I was hurrying to get my camera and out of the plane before Daddy got out.  I wanted to see his reaction to what awaited him at the airport door.
                                     (I blurred Daddy's name for the purpose of this blog)

There was MJimmy by the door next to Brian, our concierge from Avenue Plaza hotel, with an enormous welcome sign for Daddy and the rest of the family!  Daddy was so happy that he was grinning from ear to ear.  All he could say was that he was keeping the sign. 
Mjimmy was all smiles and hugs and I can honestly say that from the moment my feet touched Bicol ground, I felt welcomed by everyone’s humbling hospitality.   Brian had the vans waiting for us and in no time had all of us comfortably seated inside and on our way to Avenue Plaza Hotel in the heart of Naga.

 The ride was a short 20 minutes to the hotel.  Now remember when I told you that Shangri La is “supposedly” the best hotel in the Philippines?  It may be that for their 5 star ranking but Avenue Plaza is DEFINITELY the BEST in service.  No doubt whatsoever.  Between all of my family that has travelled and toured all across the different continents in all parts of the world, we have logged in many hours in many hotels worldwide.  The Avenue Plaza Hotel in Naga, Philippines can definitely boast to having the best customer service in the world!  I truly recommend that if ever you are in this part of the world that you stay in this hotel.  You will feel so pampered that you will thoroughly enjoy your stay.
(Here is the view from my sister's window.  I didnt really have a good view from my room)

The hotel staff greeted us all in their crisp uniforms and with refreshing spritzers to cool ourselves from the trip.  In no time at all, we were all checked in our rooms, and hurriedly putting away our luggages to get ready to go out and eat!  As much as we wanted everything to be a surprise for Daddy, we too had wonderful surprises waiting for us.  Almost immediately, Auntie Aida (Daddy’s younger sister) was there with her daughter, my cousin Amie.  What a wonderful surprise to see them! 
  We were later met by another cousin, nicknamed Babydoll who was passing through Naga on her way to Libmanan.  It was a nice reunion through dinner at the restaurant, Naga Wok.   I retired to bed right after dinner ready for Philippine Vacation Day 4 tomorrow.


  1. More tears, but Ellen, nice cleavage!

  2. I miss all of you. Comeback soon. It's possible to have all of you again.