Saturday, June 30, 2012

Day 6: The Celebration

Finally the big day had arrived!  After over a year of planning, numerous emails, FB chats, gchats, phonecalls and everything else online that you can think of to communicate, Daddy's day had arrived!  What we wanted more than anything to give him for his 80th birthday was to celebrate his day surrounded by his remaining brothers and sisters, his wife, children and grandchildren, and the rest of his family in his homeland. 
(I blurred his name for the purpose of this post)

The celebration didnt start until 11:00AM and family from other parts of the world and all over the Philippines were coming in.  It was the boys and the grandchildren's job to make sure that Daddy was kept busy and away from the windows of the hotel.  The ruse was, that we were taking family pictures and afterwards having lunch to celebrate my sister and bro-in-law's anniversary.  He believed the plan and all the family had to do was act naturally, not slip up and keep him away from all the guests arriving. 
Well everything worked out as planned and he was surprised.  He came into the banquet area confused and then started crying when he recognized everyone.  It was a wonderful reunion. 
There were alot of hugs and kisses, crying and laughing,
dancing and singing,
 eating and drinking and playing and praying. 
It was a joyous celebration.

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  1. I am impressed the way you have compiled this sweet novel. A very  classy and worth reading!!!This is one day that would become a treasure hunt.Might as well begin it now.