Friday, June 22, 2012


Tired from jetlag, there weren’t really a lot of pictures on the trip to Zambales.  Since I fell asleep for most of the van ride, I am assuming that so did the others. 
Most of the country side to Zambales was like this scene in between the towns.  I wish I could have taken a picture of the lahar area that was heavily ravished by Mt. Pinatubo in the 90s.  I promise that there will be many more scenic pics later but just not of this leg of the trip.

Like I mentioned, we were all still pretty tired and lethargic. 
However, as we neared the bridge of the white lady, we all started to stir with excitement.  This means that we are entering the town of Paluig.  The town from where our parents grew up and where Lola’s house still stands all newly restored!
...and then voila!  PALAUIG!
I knew that I was going to blog about this and yet I did not take a single picture of the darn circle of which is the town’s center.  I could kick myself in the head for this and hopefully, my cousin Dolly can send me one via email.  Anyways, this circle starts the street towards my Lola’s house with the Catholic church on the left.  As you pass the church’s plaza and highschool, it culminates with my Lola’s house on the right just across what used to be the nuns’ house.

Story of the white lady of the bridge by Bato:  According to the locals, a woman was jilted by her lover and she committed suicide by throwing herself over the bridge and drowning.   Since then, there have been many reported accounts of a lady dressed in white appearing to those who get near or cross the bridge.  According to my cousin who is a Harley enthusiast, he and his buddies were cycling together to Palauig and  passed through the bridge after sunset.  All of a sudden his buddies started hailing at him and pointing to his back and telling him that he had a hitch-hiker with him.  Although my cousin never saw anything, all of his friends told him that he had a lady riding with him dressed in white.  He swears that this story is true.

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