Thursday, June 21, 2012

Day1: On the Way...

Apparently, after compiling together the over 2000 pictures taken with 6 cameras, I was the only one that took any kind of picture of our stay at the Shangri La.
Here was our view of Makati from our window.  it was drizzling that morning.
…and here is a fuzzy shot of me and the only picture taken in fancy Shangri La lobby.

Rendezvous to meet and leave for Zambales was right after an absolutely immaculate breakfast and super full on buffet of EVERYTHING (sushi, bakery, American breakfast bar, Filipino breakfast bar, Indian food, more Filipino foods like dinugoan and others, fruit bar, drink stations with all kinds of tropical juices, western meat stations like ham, pizza, BBQ….  Yes! This was for breakfast!)  No pictures were taken of this food abundance unfortunately…  =o(  

For this excited and large group, being dignified instead of loud and obnoxious was impossible but after loading up into 3 -10 seater vans (one was just for our luggage), a landcruiser, and a 5 seater toyota, we were on our way!
First stop: pee pee break (bought T's hat and some ciccarones)
Second stop: Fruit stand  (bought kasoy and sincamas)

magkano po:  How much?  po is used similar to sir/ma'am.  it is a more formal sign of respect, usually for someone older.  kuya(for male) and ate(for female) can be replaced for someone who is younger.  one of the three, is used almost in every sentence, anywhere you go... if you look American, you may get an actual sir or madaam. 

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