Wednesday, June 20, 2012


So you must keep in mind that there were close to 2 dozen people during different times of this adventure travelling together so there are at least as many different accounts of what had happened.  But this is my blog after all, and so this is my own account of my own experiences and my thoughts as to what happened during the three weeks.

My very thoughtful cousin, Dolly, decided that it was best for us to stay in Manila overnight and rest up a little after the long flight before trekking on.  Rooms were already booked for us in the Shangri La in Makati (the supposed best hotel in the Philippines) and it was so nice to be welcomed by the formal concierges and hotel staff and not have to worry about anything.  The fancy hotel had an awesome welcome center situated right in the middle of the airport pick up and shuttle area and there we reunited with our cousins, and luxuriated in the airconditioning and drink spritzers provided. 

I wish that I had taken a BEFORE picture of our room before we hit it like a tornado but that was the last thing I would have thought to do in the wee hours of the night after 28 hours of flying. 

So what was the ONLY thing in our mind at that time?  Why, eating of course!!!!  YUM! 
 First meal in Manila! 


  1. Ellen - how was the food? Does it have the same flavor as you expected? Anything different? You know I'm all over the food!