Friday, July 6, 2012

Day 7: Cagsaua

As I mentioned in my last post, the scenery during this little trip was very picturesque and there was alot to see.  Brian was very forthcoming in his knowledge of the history, and notable landmarks of the area.  Pretty soon, we can see traces of the effects of the Mayon volcano.  We saw houses that were buried with ash and were just left alone by the owners. 
Right across from this house was a wonderful view of the Mayon.  It was also the only time that we got to see the tip!  It was already slightly drizzling when this picture was taken.  Within seconds of taking the picture.  It started raining. But you see those humongous boulders? Those are ginormous lava rocks!
We still had quite a ways of travelling to go, so we were hoping that the weather would change.  We really wanted to get a good view of the volcano. 

Then the vans came to a stop and we have arrived at the Cagsaua ruins.  Here is the write up about it.
       It was really raining here and we were greeted (actually, kinda accosted) by locals with umbrellas that were really wanting to give us a tour of the area for tips.  They were persistent and just did not leave us alone.  We were later pretty happy because we had some great pictures taken around and of the ruins. 
Of course, my bro-in-law had to represent for Gator Nation! 

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