Saturday, July 7, 2012

Day 7: Cagsaua Shopping

After tromping around the Cagsaua ruins and taking silly pictures, we were ushered to a side shopping area.  We were more than willing, mostly to get out of the rain but also because it was shopping!!  Most of the items sold by the different vendors were pretty much the same and it differed only by which vendor you can "tawad" (barter) the lowest.  Here, they had alot of native baskets, purses, placemats, etc...  I am always concerned with any vendor that has the worst location (off the main pathways) and so I typically go at the very back of the vendor areas or the off the beaten path and there I always find a better deal.  They are also willing to give you a better price than their competitors.  Since most of their for sale items are the same, it is pretty easy to figure out how much the average selling price is for a specific item.  I always have a limit in my mind and I'm always ready to walk away if they do not like my tawad price.  More often than not, I walk away happy with souvenirs!  =o) 
 (The one is red is my sister with one of the vendors)

At this particular shopping expedition, I bought 2 native bracelets (one for S1 and another for S2), an oversized native basket for my yarns and 2 native zippered wallets with a small Bicol emblem.

Here's my basket!  I LOVE IT!  =o)

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