Monday, July 23, 2012

Day 9: Travel Day

Leaving Naga was so bittersweet for me.  I truly loved EVERYTHING about it.  The food,(there is a wonderful book about the different spices and dishes of the Philippines here .) the people, and the serene beauty of the region itself.  Even leaving the hospitality of the Avenue Plaza hotel in Naga was difficult. 

With the first week of our journey complete; The Celebration,  it was on to the second leg:  The Vacation.   First we had to catch our flight back to Manila (which took less than 2 hours) and then drove to Olongapo (almost 4 hours) where my cousin lived. 
 These were the pictures of Manila taken from the plane as we were landing.
Traffic in the Philippines is really so darn crazy.  So yes, travelling pretty much took up most of the day.  We arrived in Olongapo late night, tired and sleepy  but ready for our next adventure the next day!

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