Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Proportion and Space

T came home with another one of her creations the other day
It is made completely out of paper.  The logs and the trunks of the trees are made out of paper bags.  The leaves for the trees and bushes are made out of green construction paper.   The base is a paper plate. 
Except for the flowers and the butterfly, I really think that she has a good grasp of scale and proportion. 

She has also been coming home with alot of projects that she's been making just to create.  I've noticed that alot of them are usually spatial design analysis. 
What do you all think??  An architect in the making??


  1. looks like an archiect in the making to me!

  2. Definitely an artist in the making. With her mom's influence, she will be a great one. Keep on sharing her works please.

  3. These are so darn cute and clever. I think you have an architect and/or a designer in the making.